Truth or Dare in Public Affairs... The "IDK"

What we need is good old keelhauling.

As long as the "Gang-of-Democrats" is proposing obsolete "Trial-by-Combat" methods of finding out whether their staffs have been lying to them for years, I suggest we reach back into the American Nautical past, and revive another obsolete method of examination, the good old keelhaul. (no- not the "Independent Safety Assessment"---sorry!)

If John Hall's chief of staff can be tied to a rope, and dragged beneath the intake ports of Indian Point at high tide, he can undoubtedly either uncover whatever hidden evils are down there with the zebra mussels, or , if he finds just Hudson River Goodyears down below, perhaps the time "below the surface" can motivate him to own up to not really believing 100% of the exaggerated scare stories about Indian Point, after all.

Either way, the public can be reassured, and widespread public concern that they were being shined-on by professional Chicken Little-ists can be finally and definitively be proven either right or wrong, by a different examination crew, and a different method, much deeper and more stringent than is habitually applied to political press agents.

Therefore it is with great solicitude for public sensibilities, and the expressed wishes of millions that their electric bills not be arbitrarily tripled, that I declare a RISING TIDE OF MOMENTUM for an Independent Democratic Keelhauling, ( IDK...) to be held each week at the Indian Point dock, until the truth is finally brought to light (or all the Anti-Nuclear Democratic politicians quit, and go to live in Bahamas, near Anna Nicole's old place).

At any rate , tapes of the "IDK" will become collector's items, as well known demi-celebrity press-hacks puke, and grovel, admitting they had contempt for the American public for decades---( until the definitive "IDK").

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