How easily those misled by "movement angst" misconstrue reality. A merchant plant operator entered the Lohud in 2000, intending to take NYPA's & Con Ed's unwanted, neglected, outliers, their atypical nuclear assets, and make them a winning proposition. Entergy's will, its vision, its avowed intention, was to reshape the assets, make them a single united service benefit for the region, and apply all the best methods to aid the customer base, the northeast region consumer, in continuing to prosper, expand horizons, and never suffer any return to former levels of less wealth, less freedom, less hope, less empowerment, or their ultimate ramifications, want , disenfranchisement, and/or deprivation.

This is a very people-centric vision. The assets are here, written in concrete and steel, but corrupt Con Ed myopia, along with NYPA state-agency myopia, did not choose to see any bright future. It took the naivete' of Entergy, to think of us all, the regional rate payer, as worthy of rescue.

However, the society at large hereabouts, is not done with its amazing self hate. It is not done flirting with doomism, defeatism, less-ism, choking NIMBYism, and the intellectual detritus of a long leftist opposition history, here near Peekskill.

Answer me this.

If Paul Robeson strode the streets of Peekskill in 2007, as he once did in the riot days, would he tell his people: "Fear your future"? Would he say to them (and to us): "Let these wealthy folks have their pristine condo landscape, free of us blue collar trash"? Would he say: "Forget moving up. What you got now, is good enough".? Is that what he would say?

Or would he say: "These folks from New Orleans want to serve YOU!" Wouldn't he say: "Take what they offer you!" Take prosperity. Take jobs. Take low taxes. Take Low electric bills. Take development, and new places of work. Take a land in which people not endowed with trust funds can hold their heads up and say "I work"..... "I pay my taxes"..... "I'm as equal as any man.".....and make it stick, by not hunkering down to wealthist myths of white-water-rafting as a life endeavor. Because I truly believe the great man would see through the charades, and reach out his hands, and tear down their tissue paper lies and sing out: "Let my (working class) people go"

Anybody see it any different?

If so, we are gonna have a talk, I guarantee it!

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