White Nuclear Snowflake is a privately conceived, totally unfunded volunteer effort undertaken to inform the public about certain issues in a deeper and more revealing way, exposing truths beyond the ordinary journalistic level. White Nuclear Snowflake has no corporate , governmental, or organizational affiliations whatsoever. White Nuclear Snowflake has never once been guided, influenced, steered, or remunerated in any way by anyone, except its own authors. White Nuclear Snowflake is 100% independent, a public service done in a spirit of truth and common understanding. The individual words of the name have particular implications, and were chosen creatively, because of those implications. White means pure, 100% unsullied. Nuclear means graced with the unlimited power of the earth itself, and Snowflake means arising spontaneously, out of the surround, a crystal embodiment of reality....... White Nuclear Snowflake.

Our deepest hope, is to live up to all three of the themes, in each post written.

Our suspicion, is that the human race has only just begun to awaken.

Our mission, is to bring it a cup of coffee, once it wakes up, and decide where to go from here.

All sojourners are cordially invited along for the ride.

White Nuclear Snowflake will never ask anyone for a donation, ever.

There's nothing to join. There will be no rallies. No exhortations. No meetings.