Imagine what it might be like to hold in your hand, the viability of the lifestyles of 20 million people. People you will never meet, but people dependent on your conscientious actions 24 hours every day, forever. Our American Civilization itself, riding on your shoulders. There are those who try to imagine this connection irresponsibly, without ever having the actual power delegated to them, and the actual moral obligation. Whatever they may fantasize, is fine, if they can begin to approach that state of connectedness that your invisible energy providers take for granted 24-7-365. Your energy providers, including those at IPEC, are aware of your needs. They know, individually, that their every single action in any day, upholds the health, prosperity and the happiness of some neighbor-- of every neighbor, every second of every day, forever. We think of you all the time.

If all goes well, we hope you will never notice us. We want you to have all the benefit, and none of the concern. We want you to prosper, and forget about the politics. We want your life to flow, uninterrupted, from minute first to minute last, unfettered by activist bantering, celebrity career posturing, political fear mongering, and outright deception on behalf of advertising aimed to raise the fame prospects of faux Jeremiahs, "mock-sure" of impending doom, a doom which somehow never seems to materialize, except on those weeks when a collection campaign is held, to pay for further nonsense worries, for yet one more unsettled year of unfulfilled predictions..

Mankind is not god. No way of living is ordained by almighty fiat as unarguable, perfect, sinless, and totally beneficial. For every home built, some forest is lost. For every mile driven, some CO2 is released.There is not, and cannot ever be "a perfect society". We know that, regrettably, as sure as sunrise, sunset, death & taxes.

So... reams of Jeremiad bluster about imperfection, about doom, about deceit, and human fallibility, are fine insofar as they remain personal revelations of personal angst, but fail utterly in making a world, in exciting, in motivating, in reassuring, and in actually DOING anything at all, for any of us.

More than a Feeling.

As the pop rock anthem of 1970 sang to us, we need more than a feeling, in order to reach full potential, to help each other, and to change reality and the world for the good. The daily efforts of the 1600+ conscientious expert local power-makers working for Entergy at IPEC, do this for you constantly, do it caringly, and do not harrass you, do not ask for strained belief in wild scenarios, or strained requests for moneys never returned, or give empty promises never intended to be kept.

Nor do we frighten you with scenes of what will never be, maliciously deeming it "what might be", when , in fact, it never has happened, and in truth, never will happen. If America is to remain a viable entity, supporting its people, it cannot fear every imaginary mouse dreamt up by overly creative movie writers, or overly creative movie writers falsely calling themselves "watchdogs" or "activists".

A true activist empowers his society as it really is. Thus the working folks at IPEC are the true activists, lighting your nights, powering your schools and hospitals, silently & reliably always present in your life , --not to frighten, warn, change, or dun you for donations, but to allow you be great,... each in your own way.

Malicious destroyers, casting doubt on every viable alternative society might try, are not activists, but rather deluded egomaniacs, hawking "perfection or nothing", and thus, in the way of all things real, ensuring nothingness prevails. Their impossible dreams are not worth our common undoing, to prove some sentence they uttered was more than idle argument. We need IPEC. We want IPEC. IPEC wants us. We get along. We agree. There is no problem.

Let those who invent false problems out of activist arrogance watch the rest of us succeed, bow their heads, and follow.