The Knollsfish Theorem

Four Hudson River fish testing strontium-positive were caught 30 miles north of Indian Point. What's up there, to make fish contaminated ? A man named Jack Shannon has a lot to say about corruption at the Navy's Knolls Atomic Power Lab, directly on the Erie Canal at West Milton New York. Check out He even gives a telephone number 518-587-3245. Another Knolls website is:

One surmise I make is that work done under military aegis, can legally omit safeguards, under the rubric of national security. Shannon says much about this. Apparently Knolls dumped a lot of stuff, willy-nilly. Shannon was pursued, and fired from the Knolls Kesselring installation for blowing the whistle on it. Most likely, compared to Knolls, Indian Point is a virgin, pure as the driven snow. Most likely, estuarian damage from Kesselring far outstrips any imagined damage from the beseiged and minutely-watched Indian Point.

Very possibly, Entergy's mysterious fish test has outed the Hudson's covert radioactive polluter, Bechtel, operators of Knolls/Kesselring. The location of the 4 "hot" fish would strongly suggest this. If true, the green community would owe a strong debt of gratitude to the proactive Entergy corporation, instigators of the fish test, for bringing this abuse to light.

It is interesting to note that Knolls is not mentioned by congress people stridently demanding various concessions from Indian Point. Knolls is well upstream of Indian Point, and if Mr. Shannon's very detailed laundry list of dumped carcinogens, actinides, and radioactive junk at Knolls is even remotely accurate, Knolls and its leach fields are non-point-sourcing a heady weapons-of-mass-destruction cocktail directly into America's first river in full view of a silent John Hall, Maurice Hinchey, Nita Lowey, and Hillary Clinton.

What gives, honorable representatives?

How about an Independent Safety Assessment of Kesselring?