Inept Quislings, and Contempt for John Q

What,... a day without Indian Point to talk about?

Whatever will Manna Jo Greene and Paul Gunter do with themselves? Will they go back to their homes lighted by Indian Point, and rest secure under the local emergency services upheld by Indian Point ? Will they perhaps notice the new arrivals whose upward aspirations will be prevented by closing Indian Point? Will they return to the Washington DC area (Gunter) knowing he has once more misrepresented local realities to unsuspecting local people, in one more agent provocateur action in a decades long subversion of the local American political process, by an agency (WISE/NIRS) spawned in Europe, and supported by "Big Oil" (Rockefeller) money? Will Phil Musegaas own up to his connection with the Tamarind foundation, the recently renamed private social engineering experiment of billionairess Helaine Heilbrunn Lerner? Or will he try to pass himself off as "just one more Riverkeeper activist", even though Ms. Heilbrunn pays his salary to sit within Riverkeeper and uphold her personal antinuclear campaign at all cost, even after Robert F Kennedy jr has realized the duplicity, and moved on (along with Kyle Rabin?) Do Hinchey, Lowey, Spano, Hall , and Clinton know they are inept Quislings dancing to the agitprop tune of antinuke Tamarind Fund choreographer Alice Slater? Do all of the self-serving manipulators of fact above care a whit about the common man, in this area?

You instinctively know the answer.
Need I say it for you?
Ok, allow me then...... NO THEY DO NOT!!

People!! Beware!!

Fact is being spun, by well-heeled and deeply entrenched oligarchs. They aim to make you uneasy. They wish you to doubt your own civilization. Why? Simple......... vanity, and a pre-arranged agenda, where they end up manipulating the populace via paid (albeit earnest) middlemen, to make you tear down the system in which you live, so that their experimental greenist paradise can take its place. Please note: Ginsburg development is seeking to buy the Hudson itself, from Haverstraw to Tompkins cove, even as I speak! (Yes... Its all a real estate thing).

And what is your place, or my place, in this new Armageddon, this Millennial antinuke paradise? EASY: to huddle in our houses without heat, whilst Heilbrunn, & Slater travel first class to Geneva confabs. To watch illegal immigrants starve in shacks along the Mamaroneck river, whilst Mr. Kennedy spends roughly $2500 per day flying from $20,000 speaking engagement to $20,000 speaking engagement. To give up our TV sets, and our entertainments, whilst Al Gore spends $6000 per month to light up just ONE of his five houses. AND.... on top of it all..... to be told that WE are guilty, for wanting to have what our parents had, a job, a house, a car, security, stability, and love for our country. You see, these simple pleasures are NOW FORBIDDEN!! We must be satisfied with less ! You, me , Kennedy, Al Gore, Clinton, Heilbrunn, and Slater. For THEM,...." less" means a carbon footprint conveniently offset by diverting foundation contributions to a green fund (it does NOT mean traveling in coach). To them,.... "less" means giving up the fifth white water vacation in Peru this year, poor dears, the other four white water vacations HAVE JUST WORN THEM OUT! For us, everything is to be different! We must now suspect everything that helps us, embrace everything that impedes us, and hate each other!..only this one way will we be allowed as peons, into the great celebractivist religion of antinuclear anarchy. (And oh yes, we must send in contributions!)

But I ask you---- ARE YOUR LIGHTS ON?
Yes they are.
That simple fact might just mean that I am right, and they are wrong.
their "conclave" was a crock. Their agenda is a crock.
They are careerist troublemakers with contempt for our local lives.

And if your lights stay on tonight, I advise you, in all sincerity:
Note: I am well prepared to help you in this area. Just stay tuned!

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